Solidaritätserklärung der iranischen Flüchtlinge in Sachsen

The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in the Free State of Saxony, Germany
Press Release #1

Fifty seven days have passed since Mohammad Rahsapar hanged himself in the city of Würzburg to protest against the state in which political asylum seekers live in Germany and the policies of the German government towards political refugees. Furthermore, eight days have passed since a group of political asylum seekers began their hunger strike in Würzburg to raise their voices against the same policies and to continue the battle started by Mohammad Rahsapar.
We, a group of Iranian political asylum seekers in the Free State of Saxony, declare our support for our countrymen in Würzburg and stand by them with all our hearts and hopes in order to expose human rights violations occurring in refugee camps throughout Germany. We also ask all political refugees in both temporary and permanent camps to join us in this battle and to declare their support for those on hunger strike in Würzburg.
Additionally, we call upon all political activists and defenders of human rights throughout the world to show their support for this grassroots movement and to protest against human rights violations in German refugee camps.
We hereby declare one week of protest by asking everyone to bombard the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees with letters of support in favor of political refugees and against the German government. Please address your letters to Mr. Klaus-Peter Richert and fax it to the following number.

Mr. Klaus-Peter Richert
The Federal Office of Migration & Refugees
Fax: +49 911 943-7498

Let us all remind German statesmen, lawmakers and public what is being done once again to a defenseless class of human beings this time entrapped within the confinements of temporary and permanent refugee camps across this country.

The Committee of Iranian Political Refugees in the Free State of Saxony, Germany
Amin Shahrabadi, Arash Ferdosipour, Reza Keyrahmat, Arian Yegane, Nima Shaterian,
Fereshte Sanaei Seresht, Mohsen Shah Ghalee, Ribwar Ghobadi

March 27, 2012

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