Aufruf zur internationalen Demonstration am 14.04.

In the city centre of Würzburg, Germany, 10 iranian refugees went on a hunger strike to call attention to their situation and the deplorable state of affairs of Germany´s asylum policy. They refused food for 17 days to fight for their acceptance as political refugees. After representatives of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees promised to reprocess their asylum applications again, the iranians temporary suspend their hunger strike.
Regardless of this promising turnaround the puplic protest goes on, because the structural problems still exist.
The German asylum policy is unjust and does not meet the requirements of civilized country.
Let´s stand up together for human rights of asylum!
we demand:

+respect for human dignity without restrictions
+drastic shortening of the processing time on asylum applications
+integration instead of overhasty deportation
+abolition of the so-called Community-shelters
+abolition of food packages
+professional language courses and other integration-supporting measures
+abolition of the Residential Obligation law
+a right to work and to live self-paced
+possibilities of family reunifications



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